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Lynn & Joe | Happy Anniversary!

The night before their wedding, friends were preparing all over the house.  A group of girls in the living room tying bouquets of roses, and men cooking in the kitchen.  When I walked in around 11:00 pm, there was still a lot to do and a slight sense of chaos all over the house. Lynn was sitting in the recliner, wedding dress draped over her lap and I could see she was upset.  Something was not going as planned…

She explained that she specifically bought a simple dress since the seamstress promised she would sew on elegant pearls to dress it up.  When the dress was altered and returned that day, no pearls had been placed on the dress.  I sat in the chair beside her as we brainstormed all the options.  I grabbed the pearls off the table, “You take one end, I’ll take the other, this will be easy!” And we started hand-sewing tiny pearls on the dress….   One by one, everyone else finished their task and left.  We talked and laughed and shared what God was doing in our lives… and we finally finished…. at 7:00 am!  I can’t say it was my brightest idea for the bride and the photographer to get absolutely no sleep before the wedding, but it was a fun night.

I could talk about many more stories from their wedding;  the handmade bridesmaids dresses arriving hours late and still having to tuck and pin each of them for lack of fit, how the groom entertained the guests in the frigid cold (the wedding started two hours late in waiting for the dresses), the sweet flower girl sick with the stomach flu, food not arriving on time, etc, etc, etc.

But beyond all the chaos and little things that seemed to go wrong, the only thing that mattered that day is that the man of her dreams was waiting for her at the end of the aisle.  The man she had prayed for to take care of her and love her forever…

Lynn and Joe are special to me since they were one of my first weddings.  It was the beginning of a deep friendship and I’m so thankful to have been there for their wedding and each of their babies (#4 is on the way!)  They have become a huge source of encouragement in my own life and their marriage has been a great example to me as I was waiting and praying for my own groom.  I’m so happy for all that God is doing in their lives, marriage and growing family.  Here are some of my favorites from their forever day….   Happy Anniversary Joe and Lynn! Love you!

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