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Charles & Brandy | Beloved

Brandy and Charles have a lot to celebrate.  Eleven years married…  They met in the Army when Charles walked in late to a meeting and Brandy remembers that “the room stood still.”  He definitely caught her attention!  After a few months of working together and slowly becoming friends, Brandy was diagnosed with cancer.  Being away from home, her Army friends became like family and Charles began visiting her in the hospital.  Visits became more frequent and they just connected.  After she was well enough to be released, he surprised her by arranging a road trip so she could visit her family.  When they arrived after hours on the road, she introduced him as her boyfriend and they’ve been together ever since!

Charles has some huge career achievements coming up.  He’s currently a First Sergeant / Aviation Specialist Officer in the Army.  And next month, after 22 years of service and several deployments overseas, he will be retiring!  It was super exciting to be able to photograph them as a couple and honor their lives together.

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