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Aleksa | Snow

I’ve been waiting for a really good snow, one that wouldn’t melt the next day.  So when we finally got several inches of gorgeous snowflakes a little over a week ago, I was excited to get out and take some photos with our two year old, Aleksa.  I knew I wanted her to wear her special dress coat (we found it on massive clearance when I was pregnant with her).  So I was excited that this winter she could finally wear it!

kristen-thomas-photography-aleksa-snow-session_001kristen-thomas-photography-aleksa-snow-session_002kristen-thomas-photography-aleksa-snow-session_003I think her favorite part was crawling on the ice!  She wasn’t heavy enough to sink so she walked or crawled on top of it, most of the time – she couldn’t stop giggling!kristen-thomas-photography-aleksa-snow-session_004kristen-thomas-photography-aleksa-snow-session_005Running away from Mama.  I had to be quick!….  But I love those wispy curls…kristen-thomas-photography-aleksa-snow-session_006kristen-thomas-photography-aleksa-snow-session_007Of course we wanted photos of Eliana as well, but it was definitely chilly so we only kept her outside for a few minutes… kristen-thomas-photography-aleksa-snow-session_008kristen-thomas-photography-aleksa-snow-session_009Our littlest snow bunny  🙂kristen-thomas-photography-aleksa-snow-session_010Definitely a Daddy’s girl!kristen-thomas-photography-aleksa-snow-session_012kristen-thomas-photography-aleksa-snow-session_013kristen-thomas-photography-aleksa-snow-session_014kristen-thomas-photography-aleksa-snow-session_015There were several ideas that I wasn’t able to get, mainly because she wouldn’t stop running!  And who can blame her with a playground and slide in view!kristen-thomas-photography-aleksa-snow-session_016

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