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Harmony & Bliss

It was one year ago today that I stood in front of my mirror and put on lip gloss one last time. One year ago that my roommates approved my outfit, I grabbed my purse, got into my green ’95 Acura and headed down the road to meet the man I would someday marry.

And to be honest, I was cautiously optimistic.

Because this person I was meeting, this random stranger I was about to go have dinner with… yeah, I met him on eHarmony.  That’s right. Internet dating. And while I had gone on a few of these first dates before, this one felt a little different, like I was doing something I was always meant to do.

I arrived at Not your Average Joe’s and saw John waiting there for me.  Wow, he is handsome! We greeted, were escorted to our table and sat down for a rather long dinner.  Conversation was easy, like talking to an old friend.  It was so cute how nervous he was, and how his ears went up when he smiled.  I was dreading the end, when he would probably say he needed to go and that would be the last I would see of him.  But at the end of dinner, he asked, “So, what’s next?” So we drove towards the Corn Maze in Leesburg…  it was closed because of rain and mud.  So we decided to go bowling and after three games, again he said, “So…  what should we do next?” This went on for a few more hours, trying to find things in the area to do so we wouldn’t have to say goodnight.  And after our seven hour date, I was definitely optimistic.  I couldn’t wait to get to know him more, cause he was a keeper!

Our courtship was quick (when you know, you know!), and we spent a lot of gas money making the 45 min drive to see each other, almost every day.  And after five months of holidays,  sweet hugs, and sunset picnics, we were engaged.  Five months after that… our wedding day!

Happy 1 year Date-iversary, honey!  I love you more and more each day!

  • October 16, 2010 - 5:03 pm

    Ashley - Totally awesome! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • October 17, 2010 - 12:30 am

    DADDY - Congrats you two! A wonderful Love story indeed. 29 years today for your Mother and I, glad you Kristen Marie was a part of our Love story! Love you DadReplyCancel

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