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Jasmine’s senior session has got to be one of my all time favorites.  She is our neighbor and one of the regular babysitters who our girls really love, so I was really honored when she asked me to take her photos.

We had originally planned a trip to downtown DC with the cherry blossoms, monuments and museums with Jasmine’s interest in government.  We spent weeks planning out outfits, getting permits / permission for the locations, etc.  But a few days before the session, the weather forecast decides to predict lots of storms so we knew it would be a huge risk to make the trip and have complete downpours.  So after all that planning, we ended up doing a, “Hey, there’s going to be massive storms and the cherry blossoms will be completely gone if we don’t do the session…um, today.”  So that’s what we did, packed up some clothes (even some dresses from my closet!) and headed around town.  And I love how the images turned out!  She was the perfect model and we even found our perfect cherry blossoms without making the trek to DC!  The whole session could not have been more perfect…


I’ve been waiting for a really good snow, one that wouldn’t melt the next day.  So when we finally got several inches of gorgeous snowflakes a little over a week ago, I was excited to get out and take some photos with our two year old, Aleksa.  I knew I wanted her to wear her special dress coat (we found it on massive clearance when I was pregnant with her).  So I was excited that this winter she could finally wear it!

kristen-thomas-photography-aleksa-snow-session_001kristen-thomas-photography-aleksa-snow-session_002kristen-thomas-photography-aleksa-snow-session_003I think her favorite part was crawling on the ice!  She wasn’t heavy enough to sink so she walked or crawled on top of it, most of the time – she couldn’t stop giggling!kristen-thomas-photography-aleksa-snow-session_004kristen-thomas-photography-aleksa-snow-session_005Running away from Mama.  I had to be quick!….  But I love those wispy curls…kristen-thomas-photography-aleksa-snow-session_006kristen-thomas-photography-aleksa-snow-session_007Of course we wanted photos of Eliana as well, but it was definitely chilly so we only kept her outside for a few minutes… kristen-thomas-photography-aleksa-snow-session_008kristen-thomas-photography-aleksa-snow-session_009Our littlest snow bunny  🙂kristen-thomas-photography-aleksa-snow-session_010Definitely a Daddy’s girl!kristen-thomas-photography-aleksa-snow-session_012kristen-thomas-photography-aleksa-snow-session_013kristen-thomas-photography-aleksa-snow-session_014kristen-thomas-photography-aleksa-snow-session_015There were several ideas that I wasn’t able to get, mainly because she wouldn’t stop running!  And who can blame her with a playground and slide in view!kristen-thomas-photography-aleksa-snow-session_016

After all the holiday craziness, I’m finally finishing up the blogs for the final Fall sessions!  Miss Aimee was an absolute angel during our sunrise session in November.  It was really cold but her parents bundled her up well and she slept the entire time – so sweet and peaceful.  She’s beautiful just like her Mama!  These photos are some of my favorites from the season…


I’ve been so blessed to know Elisabeth since 2008. We were roommates together for a year before we both got married within a month of each other.  It’s been so wonderful having her as a great friend, so it’s a joy to see her begin this journey as a new mommy!  Miss Aimee is absolute perfection.  The epitome of delicate sweetness!  So dainty with the prettiest little features.  She was such a pleasure to photograph and I’m so excited to watch her grow throughout the years!



The ever-changing tweaks of my brand have finally come to completion!   It was probably about a year and a half ago when I started to mull over the possibilities of changing around my business.  Name, brand, website, colors, packaging, change from sole proprietor to LLC, etc, etc.  I remember chatting with John about it on a road trip and I think he thought I was crazy.  And when I said I could do most of it myself, I think he thought I had completely lost my mind!  So the changes began and Kristen Thomas Photography, LLC was born.

Even after changing the business name and most of the website, I loved certain things but it still didn’t seem finished.  A major part of that was my logo.  I just wasn’t happy with what I had attempted to make and after spending HOURS on various font websites trying to piece together something on my own, I knew I wanted to hire someone to create the perfect logo.  I started looking at designers and calligraphers and came across Christina of Sending Heartstrings.   Her calligraphy is elegant, stylish and unique and I quickly fell in love with her work.  From her very first email with me, I was completely sold!  She was an absolute joy to work with and I was amazed at how easy she made the entire process.   She deciphered the jumbled mess of ideas in my head and created a gorgeous logo that I LOVE!  As soon as I got her drafts, I was absolutely thrilled.  I told John that I didn’t know my name could look so pretty!


You can see the winner we chose, displayed beautifully in the new logo on this site!  If you’re in need of a calligrapher, I definitely recommend Christina and her gorgeous work!

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    Christina - Love your eye! both with the design of the site and the images from your photography! so excited to see the final site come together!!! here is to 2014!!!ReplyCancel